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While working in Haiti, International Medical Alliance of Tennessee saw that very little aid had reached outlying communities surrounding the epicenter of the earthquake. The small amount of support that had flowed into the area was beginning to dry up.

Aid and volunteers seemed to reach Port-Au-Prince and never seemed to leave the city. We began a survey process to determine greatest needs of the orphanages in the area. 

We found many of the orphanages in need of wells for clean water, and latrines and basic sanitation, five that needed stoves  and basic kitchen  supplies to cook for large numbers of children, medical attention, and basic nutritional support.  The one constant  was the lack of food, with over 700 of the children eating only one meal a day of rice.

In March of 2011 we began our nutritional support program  in three of the orphanages. By providing additional rice, the children in these orphanages are now eating two meals a day which is the dietary standard in Haiti. Each of the orphanages also receives dry red beans for protein.  Fruit and vegetables are part of their meals now at least twice a week. Along with these basics, we are providing cooking oil, sugar, salt, coffee, tea, and bread. Once a month the children enjoy a chicken dinner which is the only meat in their diet.

This seems like a very basic diet, but the children have all gained some weight and are in better physical condition than when we first met them.   The caloric intake seems to now be at a healthy level.  We are trying to increase the protein, fruit, and vegetables that we are providing.

We have also completed 19 wells to provide clean drinking water for over 1,000 children. The wells are one of the quickest ways we have found to improve the overall health of the children in these orphanages.

With over 1 million people still bathing in the main water source, clean water was an urgent issue. We have also, with the help of donors been able to dig and build latrines for all 23 of the orphanages that we are now working in. By providing clean drinking water we quickly began to limit the number of cases of dysentery and diarrhea.

The wells will cut down on all types of parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections among the children. We are also providing medical clinics, multivitamins and now Dental Clinics for all of the children in these orphanages. International Medical Alliance of Tennessee is working very hard to bring help to these children that are suffering.

Please contact Thomas Koehl, COO of IMA if you are interested in helping support or sponsor an orphanage.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Thomas Koehl Chief Operating Office International Medical Alliance 865-223-9324

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