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The First Thing You Can Do Is Help Spread the Word

You can make a tremendous positive impact on the amount of care we are able to provide by taking three simple steps.

1. Make a donation to help pay for medicine, food, and medical supplies.
2. Send an email to all of your contacts and ask them to come to this site and
do the same.
3. If you are on Facebook, become a fan of our page and then in the upper left hand corner choose Suggest and ask all of your friends to become a fan. This will give you regular updates about the work being done.


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Our volunteers have donated their time and expertise to provide free surgical, medical and dental care for impoverished children and adults in developing countries around the world, as well as serving in the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita.  IMA is dedicated to visiting each of the countries yearly, as long term follow-up and a years worth of medication for each patient remains a high priority for IMA.

Our volunteers pay for their own travel expenses while on mission with the International Medical Alliance of Tennessee.

It is this commitment as well as the generosity of our benefactors and volunteers that makes our work possible. 

To all of them, our deepest and most heartfelt thanks.




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